See Alaska's Tundra

Travel the 350 miles of road around Nome to explore the miles of beach, tundra and forest in the area. Get the real Alaska beach experience walking Nome’s shoreline. There is plenty of sand and beachcombers may discover everything from driftwood to beach glass and other items in the sand.

The unique landscape of the nearby tundra offers endless miles of treeless wilderness to explore and is blanketed with abundant wildflowers and tundra plants. Beginning in June, the tundra blossoms with wildflowers and berry bushes that transition into magnificent colors before winter sets in. Discover the tundra blooms and even go berry picking.

In the summer, drive to the end of the Nome-Council Road to find the western end of the Interior’s boreal forest. The forest is made up of mostly black and white spruce mixed with cottonwood and willow and alder thickets.

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Visitors gather in Nome as mushers in the Last Great Race cross the finish line.


Far from big-city lights, the northern lights are visible in full force when they come out and skies are clear in Nome.


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