Be Awed by the Northern Lights

Nome is a great place to visit for travelers who want to see the northern lights. The hub city is easy to get to but far enough from the light of major cities to get a really great show. When supercharged solar particles colliding with the earth’s atmosphere cause green and even purple lights to dance across the sky, Nome has plenty of prime viewing spots close by. For optimal viewing, check northern lights forecasts and pick a location to go watch the sky. There are several northern lights tours, and some hotels will let you set up a wake-up call to your room if the lights appear. Nothing tops off an Alaska trip like stunning views of the lights. For the best chance to see them, book a tour to find the best viewing spots with a guide. Options for northern lights viewing is an add-on for many Nome fishing and Iditarod tours.

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Enjoy Nome’s wildflowers, tundra plants and Bering Strait beaches.


You might not think of it, but a variety of Alaska wildlife can still be spotted this far north.


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