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Kantishna Wilderness Trails

Kantishna Wilderness Trails is an all-day tour through Denali National Park. The journey will take you 95 miles into the heart of the park, to the end of Denali Park Road. With the right weather, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Denali and the rest of the Alaska Range, among other breathtaking views like Polychrome Pass and Wonder Lake. Watch for wildlife including bears, wolves, and moose as our guides explain the nature, geology and history of the region. Then enjoy a hot lunch and guided activities at the Kantishna Roadhouse - all in a single day. The bus departs before 7 am from the hotels at the front of the park, and it returns before 8 pm.

Teléfono: (907) 374-3041
Fax: (907) 374-3960
(800) 230-7275

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  • Región: Interior
  • Parque Denali National Park and Preserve
  • Servicio: Excursiones de un día
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