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Pelican Chamber of Commerce

Tired of the usual? Then come to Pelican. Located on Chichagof Island approx. 100 miles west of Juneau and 90 miles north of Sitka, Pelican is the starting point to visit the Chichagof & Yakobi Island Wilderness Area. The island has the largest population of Alaska Brown Bear in Alaska. Founded as a commercial fish processing site in 1938 the town’s fish plant adopted the logo “closest to the fish”, a claim Pelican retains to this day. Pelican's lodges are family owned establishments, some of which are remodels of buildings that were here in the very early days of the town. The local residents will immediately point to the splendor of Lisianski Inlet, a fjord that would make Norway jealous. Pelican features a boardwalk that acts as the main thoroughfare; no traffic jams here.

Static Map

737 Salmon Way
Pelican, AK 99832

Teléfono: (907)735-2202

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  • Región: Pasaje Interior
  • Ciudad/pueblo: Pelican
  • Servicio: Centros de Visitantes
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